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Beat Dryer Fires with Interhome Dryer Vent Cleaning Toronto

Fight the possibilities of your dryer becoming an inferno by ensuring your dryer vent and air duct are thoroughly cleaned. We offer professional dryer vent cleaning services both as a stand-alone service and as part of our duct cleaning all inclusive package.

Consider your dryer duct and vent as one of the leading causes of house fires. It isn’t a matter of simply cleaning off your lint screen each time you use the dryer. It’s about lint blockage in the dryer duct and vent resulting in a reduction of airflow leading to overheated dryer coils.  Interhome Duct Cleaning knows that a clean dryer duct ensures clean air for your family and effectively reduces the risk of a dryer fire.

Almost everyone who uses a dryer knows that the lint buildup on the dryer lint screen has to be cleaned off each and every time you use it.

However, many dryer owners do not know that lint builds up within the dryer duct leading to the outside vent. If the dryer duct leading to the vent is longer than a meter and has more than one angled turn, then lint will gradually accumulate.

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When lint builds up in the dryer duct and its vent, air flowing through the dryer duct is restricted. This can cause excessive heat build- up in the dryer. Overheated dryer coils can release flammable toxins that may spark a fire. In minutes the overheated dryer can turn into an inferno, with the fire fueled by the flammable toxins, the lint in the ducts and the clothes in the dryer.

Interhome understands the importance you place on your family’s safety. Interhome Duct Cleaning is a family run business with over a decade and a half of professional air duct cleaning experience. Our Interhome technicians are skilled duct cleaners, trained and fully certified under NADAC, the national certification program for air systems cleaning specialist (ASCS).

Interhome Duct Cleaning is highly driven and focused on providing superior quality interior air duct cleaning for dryers, furnaces, and air conditioning units. We use up to date and state of the art industry standards and equipment. We have specialized vacuum systems, truck mounted with high capacity vacuums, compressors, and suction hoses, and we use infrared imaging and snake cameras to clearly see and assess the state of your dryer duct and vent.

Reduce the risk of a dryer fire in your home. Call Interhome Duct Cleaning in Toronto and the GTA. Telephone our dedicated line at 416-834-6454. We’re open 7 days a week from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

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