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Interhome Office Duct Cleaning Creates Clean Air for a Healthy Work Force

Are the people in your office suffering from never ending colds and flues, migraine headaches, asthma and sinus infections? Did you know that indoor air quality and your office’s HVAC performance can affect productivity?  Interhome Office Duct Cleaning is an obvious solution to this problem. Interhome’s Office Duct Cleaning service has trained and NADCA certified duct cleaners serving Toronto, , Mississauga, Markham, Vaughan, Brampton and across the GTA, since 2004.  Our office duct cleaning professionals are fully qualified skilled technicians with years of experience in delivering quality duct cleaning services for commercial office HVAC systems.

The intake and output of clean healthy air are determined by how clean and efficient the duct system is. An office ductwork system is constructed to distribute airflow from its HVAC equipment to the entire office building. Air is drawn from the whole building into the furnace and air conditioner where it gets cooled or heated and then forced back through the air ducts into the office spaces.

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toronto office duct cleaning

Office air contaminants including air born cold and flu bacteria bind to the dirt and dust that settle inside office air ducts.  Contaminated air flowing through the ducts from the forced air furnace and air conditioner circulates back into and throughout the office placing your office workers at risk of continuous reinfection. Not only the cold and flu bacteria resides inside dirty ducts. Other office air contaminants may include toxic off gassing from office furniture, office equipment, mold, and pest droppings. Interhome’s office duct cleaning including sanitization and deodorizing removes these contaminants.

Interhome Office Duct Cleaning experts will safely vacuum up the dirt, dust and air contaminants that settle in the ducts of your heating ventilation and air conditioning system.

Interhome uses the latest technology in duct cleaning equipment like agitators, air wands and digital imaging equipment. Interhome’s latest truck-mounted industrial duct cleaning vacuums have an output of 240 PSI of pressure. These duct-cleaning vacuums create powerful dynamic suction to clean all sizes of ducts and vents.

Our technicians send snake cameras into the ducts to examine their condition in 3 dimensions.  They use these images to determine the most effective course of action.

Your satisfaction is paramount to us. Interhome Duct Cleaning has built its fine  reputation on our customer’s satisfaction. Our priority is to provide superior duct cleaning service that is delivered with expert skill, attention to detail, and professionalism.

Safe clean air for your commercial office property is our priority. We offer fair and reasonable prices with flexible payment options. We do not under-quote our prices and give you incomplete service just to get our feet in your door.

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